Lauren's Food Reveiw

Class name: Medium Woof-Woofs

Restaurant Name: Lauren's House
Location: Chicago, IL
Hours of Operation: 7:30 am-8:00pm, Mon-Sun

The other day, I attended a family dinner at Lauren’s House. It was a fine establishment located in Chicago, IL. The menu that night was chicken, but I consider myself a picky eater and do not like to indulge in spicy food such as that chicken. When I informed the other attendees, and cook, there were alterations that were made and I was accommodated for. The other option that night was, Ramen. I like to have my Ramen as a pasta of sorts, without the soup and with cheese.

The food was quickly prepared and presented to me in a bowl. Beside it were three small containers of Parmesan Cheese all stacked up. Each was about an inch tall and I used two of them. My guests, Mom, Dad, and Brother, all enjoyed their meal as well. We ate in the dining room with a nice view of the kitchen and easy access to the bathroom, and living room. There was no music playing but it wasn’t exactly necessary to maintain the aesthetic of the room. We were the only guests there and it was not loud nor stuffy. This meal and restaurant is superior to others because of the overall taste of the food and the atmosphere while dining.

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Overall rating: 3 / 5 stars

Overall Recommendation: I recommend this dish for picky eaters like me.